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Watch This Female Sharpshooter Nail Annie Oakley's Card-Splitting Trick


"Get a deck of cards and a whole bunch of bullets and have some fun."

Image: YouTube


That's one word for Kirsten Joy Weiss' latest trick-shot video.

Weiss, an accomplished competitive shooter, posts videos showing off her shooting skills. Her latest accomplishment? Recreating Annie Oakley's famous trick of cutting a playing card in half with just a single shot.

Weiss set up the card on a log — turned to the side and barely visible from where she was standing.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

She missed the card on her first shot (Weiss says she shows all of her misses). The second shot tore the card, but didn't cut it in half completely.

torn card Image source: YouTube

She nailed it on the third try.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

For more of Weiss' videos, check out her YouTube channel.


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