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The Umbrella That Can Keep You Dry Without a Canopy

Image via Kickstarter/Air Umbrella

If you're fed up with the hassle of an umbrella, you're apparently not alone.

A team of Chinese designers have been working with students from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to invent a better way to stay dry.

They came up with the idea of "Air Umbrella." It's roughly one foot long design in its design and weighs just a little more than a pound. But perhaps the most notable difference between this umbrella and others is the canopy. Or in the case of Air Umbrella, the lack of a canopy.

Image via Kickstarter/Air Umbrella Image via Kickstarter/Air Umbrella

So how will the new innovation actually keep the rain away? It's designed to create a force-field of air around you — a type of bubble the rain can't enter.

But if you're caught in a downpour for more than 30 minutes you might want to bring a backup.

The battery life of one model lasts 15 minutes while the life of the other model lasts twice that amount of time. However, designers are planning to extend the battery life of all models by December 2015, Science Alert reported.

Image via Kickstarter/Air Umbrella Image via Kickstarter/Air Umbrella

The Nanjing University students are using the website Kickstarter to fund their idea. Kickstarter is a type of crowd funding website that has become popular among entrepreneurs, especially millennials. The online fundraising campaign currently has 300 supporters and has raised $34,747. The fundraising goal was $10,000.

Watch to learn more about how this revolutionary gadget works:

(H/T: Science Alert)

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