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They Dumped Feces, Urine and Tobacco Spit on an Autistic Boy's Head. Two Months Later, They're Facing Assault Charges.

Image source: WJW-TV

Recall the heartbreaking story of the Cleveland-area autistic teen whose so-called friends lured him to a home, had him strip down to take the "ice bucket challenge" and then dumped a bucket full of urine, feces and tobacco spit on his head?

Justice may be coming.

News radio WTAM reported Tuesday that complaints had been filed against five youths connected with the heinous prank, following a lengthy police investigation.

Image source: WJW-TV Image source: WJW-TV

The incident, which is being officially classified as an assault, took place Aug. 18, but Bay Village, Ohio, police were only made aware of the incident on Sept. 3.

The teens responsible apparently lured the autistic teen to a private home, telling him they would film him taking the then-wildly popular ice bucket challenge, an Internet trend in which participants took a dousing of cold water to signify support for ALS research.

But instead of water, authorities said the teens dumped a gut-wrenching concoction including cigarette butts, urine, feces and spit on the boy — and recorded the whole thing and uploaded the video to Instagram.

The five juveniles charged range in age from 14 to 16 years old, WTAM reported.

Three of the youths charged face two counts of delinquency, assault and disorderly conduct, while the other two juveniles each face one count of disorderly conduct.

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