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'I'll F***ing Kill You!': Teacher Put on Leave After Getting Caught on Video Fighting a Student — But Wait Until You See What Led to It


"You send the best child you have to school, now she's maybe a problem child, maybe a good child. But you send the best you have."

A Baltimore teacher is on administrative leave after getting caught on cellphone video fighting a female student in a school hallway — but it's apparently what was captured on camera prior to the altercation that shows the student was the instigator.

fight 2 Image source: WBAL-TV

The main video opened with a chair on wheels getting tossed toward a female teacher talking on a cellphone in a hallway at Carver Vocational-Technical High School last Friday. The student, reportedly a 17-year-old senior, then came into frame and walked past the teacher. Sources told WBAL-TV that the teacher, who was wearing a white top, was calling for assistance regarding the student's behavior.

The student, wearing a gray sweatshirt, then turned around and walked past the teacher again and into a classroom. After she reemerged in the hallway, the student threw what appeared to be a book at the teacher — and that's when the teacher exploded, charging at the student saying what sounded like, "I'll f***ing kill you in here, bitch! What the f*** you think this is, bitch? I'm not f***ing playing with you!"

Here's the main video of the fight (content warning — rough language):

A male was between the teacher and female student initially, but let go of the student after the teacher told him to do so. The teacher then ran toward the student and appeared to grab her hair and slam her into a row of lockers. Numerous people came to the scene by this point and broke up the fight.

This shows the second part of the fight from a different angle (rough language again):

"She got a job to do. That's what she gets paid to do is to teach, not to fight," former Carver parent Gloria Talley told WBAL. "She's supposed to act professional, not like a student or like a young hopper or something. Carver school is more professional than that. I don't understand why they got that going on in there."

The WBAL report showed more video captured in a classroom prior to the fight that may shed more light on what led to the altercation.

Sources told the station that the teacher instructed the student to get off her cellphone or else she'd have to stop a test in progress. The clip showed the student standing up and grabbing a wheeled chair and rolling it roughly to the front of the classroom in the teacher's direction, bouncing it off the wall.

Image source: WBAL-TV Image source: WBAL-TV

As the teacher walked away and out of frame, the student slammed an object on a desk, threw an object at the teacher, then appeared to roll another chair at the teacher.

Here's the report from WBAL with that pre-fight clip:

"The student shouldn't have did that," an unidentified Carver student told WBAL, "but the teacher wasn't wrong for hitting her back because it was self-defense."

Talley, the former Carver parent, insisted that the teacher should have been "the bigger person" and handled it in "a professional way."

"The teacher was treated for injuries and has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of external and internal investigations," city schools spokeswoman Anne Fullerton told WBAL. "The student, a minor, was charged with assault and released to a parent."

Nikia Jones, the student's aunt, was outraged by the teacher's behavior.

"You're supposed to be a role model to these children and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you was outside on the street," Jones told WTXF-TV in Philadelphia.

The station reported that the girl's family admitted she "possibly" threw a book at the teacher and has been in fights before.

Still, her grandmother told the station the altercation was a shock.

"You send the best child you have to school, now she's maybe a problem child, maybe a good child. But you send the best you have," the girl's grandmother told WTXF. "You don't expect nobody to fight her like that."

This story has been updated.

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