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The Inspirational Thing Liberian Christians Did Before Heading Out to Battle Ebola on the Front Lines


"They're praying for themselves. They're praying for each other."

"Ebola is here and it's real."

That's the message church volunteers are delivering to residents and business owners alike in Liberia, as they educate the masses, battle skepticism, offer up good and meals and distribute buckets of chlorine solution.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Operation Blessing, a Christian charity known for taking aid and resources to dangerous areas across the globe, is working on the ground in the West African nation to spread the word about Ebola prevention and to provide much-needed resources.

In raw video footage captured last week by David Darg, the vice-president of international operations for Operation Blessing who is currently in Liberia, local Christians are seen preparing and distributing the chlorine solution.

But these individuals are also observed doing something inspirational before they head out and brave dangerous conditions in an effort to save their fellow citizens: they joyfully belt out gospel songs and appeal to the Lord. And afterward, they head outdoors to offer up education, resources and food to quarantined families.

"Families are not allowed to leave their homes for 21 days," Darg said of those exposed to Ebola. "They find it difficult to get supplies and food so … we're equipping the church to come to their aid."

Watch the powerful raw footage, which includes interviews and interactions with some of the quarantined individuals and families, below:

As previously reported, Darg and his organization train local churches and ministries to do direct outreach, as they are the known neighbors who have familiar faces in Liberian communities. Darg believes that this church-led work will have "a lasting legacy" beyond the tragic Ebola outbreak.

But it's not only the Christian volunteers who are exercising their faith. Darg told TheBlaze that doctors and nurses, too, are turning to God in the wake of unimaginable circumstances.

"Liberia is a nation of faith and you talk to these doctors and nurses who are working literally on the front lines — and I know many of them are singing gospel songs as they're in there," he said. "They're praying for themselves. They're praying for each other."

Find out more about Operation Blessing here.

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