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Drunk Woman Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her, Cop Shuts Her Down With Video Evidence


"She's accusing me of touching her."

Image via KOB-TV

She may act charming, but Deanna Griego was apparently willing to do anything to get out of trouble — including accusing a cop of sexually assaulting her.

Thankfully for Albuquerque police officer Jared Frazier, he was recording the whole encounter, KOB-TV reported.

Image via KOB-TV Deanna Griego (Image via KOB-TV)

When Frazier pulled Griego over on suspicion of drunken driving earlier this month, she tried to explain her slurred speech as a "speech impediment" and seemed to be trying to buddy up to the officer, telling him, "I'm going to school for being a cop."

Image via KOB-TV Image source: KOB-TV

But the 23-year-old bombed the roadside sobriety tests, so Frazier cuffed her and took her to a police station, where she took a Breathalyzer test.

Image via KOB-TV Image source: KOB-TV

That's when she said she had to pee — and things got weird.

Frazier heard her talking in the bathroom, and realized she had slipped her cellphone inside her bra back on the side of the road.

Image via KOB-TV Image source: KOB-TV

Frazier went to the bathroom door and told her she couldn't be on the phone, and that's when she claimed sexual assault.

But since Frazier was secure in the knowledge that his lapel camera had recorded his interactions with her, he was able to chuckle as he dutifully called EMTs to investigate Griego's claim.

"Basically the whole thing's on video," he tells the paramedics in the video. "She's accusing me of touching her."

An official investigation exonerated Frazier, showing Griego's sexual assault claim to be baseless, KOB reported.

Albuquerque Police Department union president Stephanie Lopez said in a statement to KOB, "The desire to frame officers for wrongdoing is a growing issue facing officers every day. We believe that the public should be held accountable for filing false reports against police officers. These incidents can be very damaging to an officer's career, so we hope that this individual and others face appropriate consequences for their malicious actions."

According to the news station, Griego was facing a drunken driving charge but, as of Thursday night, no charges for falsely claiming sexual abuse.

A police representative told KOB that Griego could be hit with additional charges for the false claim. TheBlaze has reached out to Albuquerque police for updates on Griego's charges.

UPDATE: Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Tanner Tixier told TheBlaze on Monday evening that police were not pursuing additional charges against Griego because, despite the apparent falsehood of her sexual assault claim, police did not want to set a precedent that could discourage other potential victims of sexual assault from coming forward.

This story has been updated.

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