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He Could Feel Something Moving Around in His Ear — 180 Seconds Into This Video, the Cringe-Worthy Truth Is Revealed



Firstly, if you prefer to avoid watching highly creepy viral videos that leave you feeling like you need a shower, stop reading now.

In what seems to be an improbable occurrence, a man felt an insect fly into his ear — but the creature never exited. He enlisted his friends to help remove the winged insect and the entire cringe-inducing process was captured on video.

Using a pair of tweezers, one of them finally pulls out what looks like a good-sized moth, which seemingly set up shop in the guy’s ear canal. At about 180 seconds into the viral video, the bug is finally seen up close and personal -- and no one can believe it was actually in the man's ear.


There was some talk of a “tick” also being in the guy’s ear, but we really hope it was just the one moth.

We left a message with the UC Davis Health System seeking more information on the propensity of moths to fly into a person's ear. This story will be updated should we receive a response.


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