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‘Socialist’ Confronts Students Protesting Hillary Clinton in a Bizarre Way They’d Never Seen Before


"...I’ve never gotten attacked like that.”

Image source: Campus Reform

A group of Michigan college libertarians protesting Hillary Clinton were confronted Thursday by a self-described "progressive socialist" who attempted to lick them while yelling that he was infected with Ebola, a college news website reported.

According to Campus Reform, approximately 25 Oakland University students were standing outside a Clinton rally when St. Clair Shoes Democratic Club member Larry Mitchell, 63, confronted them.

“I just came from Texas, I have Ebola and now I’m going to give it to you,” Mitchell told the group.

Witnesses said the 63-year-old then licked his hands and attempted to wipe his saliva on the students, Campus Reform reported.

[sharequote align="center"]“Libertarians don’t want a public health system so you’re a fascist."[/sharequote]

“Without a public health system, we are going to have the spread of Ebola,” Mitchell told the group of students. “Libertarians don’t want a public health system so you’re a fascist."

Image source: Campus Reform Image source: Campus Reform

In an interview with Campus Reform, Mitchell admitted to engaging the students.

“Libertarians are a bunch of Republicans who just want to smoke pot and get laid,” he told the college news website. “They don’t even count for much as far as I’m concerned with because they’re not Americans. They don’t believe in America. They believe in themselves.”

One of the students, David Rowe, said that he filed charges with the campus police department, alleging the 63-year-old grabbed his throat and licked his hand.

“This is the first time I’ve ever gotten attacked at a protest,” Rowe told Campus Reform. “I’ve been yelled at before. I’ve been doing protests for quite some time. I’ve always gone to different protests and organized different things, but I’ve never gotten attacked like that.”

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