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Video: Soon-to-Be Parents Get Quite a 'Shock' After Gender-Reveal Party Doesn't Quite Go as Planned


"An out of body experience."

It has become pretty popular these days for parents and all their friends and family to gather together for a gimmick that will reveal the gender of the soon-to-be newest member of their family — it's called the gender reveal party. Frequently, this takes the form of a cake with the baby's gender dictating the color frosting inside the layers.

That's just what Natalie and Ben Bell of Canonburg, Pennsylvania, chose to do to reveal the sex of their next child to both their loved ones and themselves. The Bells were given two envelopes from their doctor's office that held the gender of their baby: one for themselves and one for the baker.

As they sliced through the white exterior of the cake earlier this month at their party with family and friends surrounding the island in their kitchen, there were screams and squeals when people learned the color booties they'd be buying.

Image source: WJW-TV Image source: WJW-TV

Except that wasn't where the story ended. Just watch the video from the family:

"It's a girl!" Ben Bell announced after cutting a slice of cake and seeing pink.

The couple got out their own doctor's envelope to confirm, except what they saw didn't match the cake. The doctor's note told them they were having a boy.

And then confusion set in.

They went to retrieve the envelope given to the baker and found it also said boy. It turns out the bakery made a mistake.

The Bells were actually having a boy who is due in March, and the cake color should have been blue.

“I keep explaining it as an out of body experience. The video is truly the only way I can see what actually happened because I think I was in shock!” Natalie Bell told WJW-TV. “This is the stuff you joke about with people … I didn’t think it ever actually happened to anyone!  My body language in the video says it all.”


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