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Want to See How Different College Majors Do on the SAT? Here's the List.


Mathematicians and scientists on top, teachers and technicians near the bottom...

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It's a weird American rite of passage: file into a classroom, sit at a desk for a zillion hours and let one massive standardized test determine whether you'll be able to go to a great college — or maybe not go to college at all.

The SAT holds a lot of weight in college admissions, and in the data on the Class of 2014 released by the College Board, the group behind the test, the numbers reveal a pretty big correlation between what you want to study in college and how well you do on the SAT.

In terms of total scores, students who wanted to combine different disciplines (say, philosophy and economics) were far and away the highest scorers on the SAT, with an average score of 1748 out of a possible 2400.

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Those inclined towards science and math also did very well, while students who wanted to study business, psychology, health or education earned notably lower scores.

Business Insider ranked all of the College Board's 2014 results based on scores from the three different sections of the SAT: critical reading...

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...and writing.

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It seems security guards are among the worst writers, while those multi/interdisciplinary students — the people who want to study more than one subject — are among the best.

Do the national numbers fit with what you've observed about different college majors and the SAT?

(Note: In 2005, the SAT gained a writing section alongside the standard reading a math sections. For a rough comparison of modern scores with an old, 1600-max score, just add the modern reading and math scores and omit the writing score.)

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