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Why is a Blaze Radio host giving away a shower curtain?

Image: TheBlaze

Why? Because I can.

The shower curtain is the first in a series of "rejected promotional items" I made and pitched to the bosses. I will be offering one a week for the next several weeks.

On this week's episode of "Pure Opelka," I also interviewed Sun News Network's Brian Lilley about the recent terror attacks in Canada, spoke with one of the inventors of the Musical Targets company and TheBlaze's Faith Editor, Billy Hallowell shared the reason he appears to be obsessed with watching Sadie Robertson on "Dancing With The Stars."

At the end of the show, we announced details of the strange giveaway -- a very limited edition promotional item -- a "Pure Opelka" shower curtain.

Image: TheBlaze Image: TheBlaze

How does one qualify to win this rare item?

You can listen to the entire show (pay close attention to the last segment and what happens after the normal ending of the program) here.


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