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Suspect Learns There Are Painful Consequences to Robbing and Assaulting a Woman Right in Front of Her Texas Husband


The suspect threw the man's wife to the ground...


Police say an unidentified suspect targeted an elderly couple as they exited a grocery store in Northwest Dallas on Tuesday night, snatching a gold necklace from the woman’s neck and knocking her to the ground.

After witnessing the suspect assault his wife, 71-year-old Ronnie Lummus pulled out his handgun and opened fire on the suspect. The suspect was reportedly fatally wounded while trying to escape in his car. He died before he was able to escape, according to police.

The incident reportedly occurred at an Aldi grocery story Aldi on Forest Lane at around 7:15 p.m.


Lummus is a law-abiding concealed carry permit holder.

The Dallas Morning News reports that detectives interviewed the couple and witnesses to verify what occurred. Lummus told officers he was afraid the man would hurt him or his wife when he fired the deadly shots.

Though Lummus has not been charged with a crime, officials said the case will still be referred to a Texas grand jury.

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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