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Man Discovered Something on a Tree in His Yard That Left Him in 'Awe' After Visiting His Dad's Grave


"The skeptic will always instinctively doubt…"

A Rhode Island man claims that there's an image of Jesus on a silver maple tree in his backyard — a supposed phenomenon he noticed after a recent visit to his deceased father's grave.

Brian Quirk said he first noticed the 3-inch long image while doing yard work on October 12 — the sixth anniversary of his dad's death. He has since likened it to a picture of Jesus outstretched on the cross.

Quirk also claims that the tree is in the same area where he and his father would sit together before he lost his battle with cancer, according to Christian Today.

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"Its ability to evoke a spiritual sense of awe is immeasurable," Quirk told Rhode Island's the Valley Breeze. "My mother remains with my family and I and is recovering from open heart surgery. A devout Catholic, she finds comfort knowing the image is there."

Quirk also said that the image has brought him comfort as well, though he knows that some will doubt that the tree's growth bears a likeness to Christ.

"The skeptic will always instinctively doubt, while those with faith will always be willing to embrace the pure apprehension of the occurrence," he said.

What do you think? Does it look like Jesus or a mere tree growth? Let us know below.

(H/T: Christian Today)


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