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Chris Rock Said He Wasn't Joking About 9/11, but Listen for Yourself and Decide If He Crossed a Line


"Who's the corporate sponsor, Target?"

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Is terrorism a laughing matter?

Chris Rock delivered the opening monologue on this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live," and his choice of topics — the Boston Marathon bombing, and the likelihood that the Freedom Tower in New York City will be attacked just as the World Trade Center was — drew decidedly mixed reactions.

The Boston Marathon bombing was, "the most frightening, sadistic terrorist attack ever," Rock said, joking that forcing tired marathon runners to run again at the finish line was a particularly cruel tactic.

Rock also joked about 9/11, saying, "They should change the name from the 'Freedom Tower' to the 'Never Going In There Tower,'" about the new skyscraper that has been built in place of the destroyed World Trade Center towers.

(Image via Adam Fagen/flickr) The Freedom Tower, or One World Trade Center, rises above the New York City skyline. (Image via Adam Fagen/flickr)

He went further, asking such questions as, "Does the building duck?" and, "Who's the corporate sponsor, Target?"

Then he claimed that he wasn't actually joking about 9/11.

Watch the monologue below:

Online, some thought Rock's jokes were funny...

...some found them offensive...

...and others just thought the whole thing fell "flat."

What do you think? Take the poll below and discuss.

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