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Two Films -- One Gory, One Creepy -- Tie for First at the Box Office

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NEW YORK (AP) — In a scary close finish, the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller "Nightcrawler" and the board-game adaptation "Ouija" tied for first at the box office with $10.9 million each over the Halloween weekend.

That was according to studio estimates Sunday. When final figures are announced Monday, one film could slightly edge out the other. Studios estimate Sunday grosses with fairly accurate precision.

For Open Road's low-budget Los Angeles noir "Nightcrawler," it was a strong debut considering its creepy, unconventional protagonist. Gyllenhaal plays an ambulance-chasing man who shoots gory footage for the local news.

Image via YouTube Jake Gyllenhaal playing an ambulance-chasing cameraman in "Nightcrawler." (Image via YouTube)

Universal's horror "Ouija," last week's top movie, held reasonably well, benefiting from its holiday tie-in.

Image via YouTube A scene from "Ouija." (Image via YouTube)

With Halloween cannibalizing Friday night moviegoing, Hollywood studios largely avoided the weekend, making it one of the quietest release weeks of the year.

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