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What These Bikini-Clad Models Did on a Utah National Guard Base Has Led to One Soldier Losing His Command


"Very concerned about them and their personal state of mind that would have allowed them to do something like this."

(Source: YouTube)

Pro tip: If you're a National Guard commander and you like your job, don't let nearly naked ladies run around your base taking pictures. It probably won't end well for you.

An unnamed Utah National Guard officer lost his command after allowing the British "Hot Shots" bikini models to conduct part of their sexy calendar photo shoot — which included firing guns and riding around in a tank — on his base, the Associated Press reported.

Image via YouTube "Hot Shots" bikini models. (Image source: YouTube)

A "Hot Shots" video of the illicit photo shoot can be seen here (content warning: video contains strong language and very provocative images).

Guard Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said Saturday that, along with the guard officer being stripped of commands, a 19th Special Forces noncommissioned officer involved in the photo shoot would face mandatory early retirement, while three other guard soldiers involved in the photo shoot would receive reprimands.

Military officials said the photo shoot did not follow military guidelines for private use of a military facility.

The incident took place at the Utah National Guard's Camp Williams, between Provo and Salt Lake City.

Image via Google Maps Utah National Guard Camp Williams. (Image via Google Maps)

The AP previously reported that the soldiers facing trouble over the photo shoot included combat veterans and Purple Heart recipients.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton called the photo shoot "a total violation of the values we espouse," and said he was "very concerned about [the soldiers] and their personal state of mind that would have allowed them to do something like this."

Image via YouTube Bikini models ride a tank that may belong to the Utah National Guard. (Image source: YouTube)

Throughout the video, men who appear to be military members can be seen demonstrating weapons and driving vehicles with the women.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

The punished soldiers will have to repay the $200 in fuel costs that the photo shoot racked up on military property, according to the AP.

Two Utah state SWAT team members who appeared in the "Hot Shots" video in uniform also face discipline, state officials said.

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