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Things Got So Whacky on Fox News Late Tuesday Night That Even Chris Wallace Admitted, 'By This Time of Night You're Drunk or You Have a Sense of Humor'


"I know I look ridiculous..."

(Source: Fox News screen shot)

If you were watching cable news Tuesday night, you know that by the very late hours of the evening after many races had been called and Republicans had gained control of the Senate, programming became a little looser. Exhibit A: Fox News.

During a segment around 12:45 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning, famed newsman Chris Wallace, former Bush staple Karl Rove and Democratic analyst Joe Trippi decided to become "campaign cowboys" and offer their thoughts on what Republicans would do with control of both chambers. And they dressed the part:

(Source: Fox News screen shot) (Source: Fox News screen shot)

(Source: Fox News screen shot) (Source: Fox News screen shot)

Wallace seemed to recognize just how fun the moment appeared to viewers and commented, "I know I look ridiculous, but I figure by this time of the evening either you’re drunk or you have a sense of humor."

Watch it unfold:

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