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Piers Morgan Isn't Happy He's Being Labeled 'Racist' Over His Latest Column: 'Get a Better Informed Line of Attack


"...part of the problem."

MailOnline Editor-at-Large Piers Morgan isn’t happy that he’s being labeled a “racist” by online “trolls” following his latest opinion piece on the “n-word.”

“Trolls who brand me 'racist' baffle me with their ignorance. Seriously, get a better-informed line of attack,” Morgan wrote on Twitter Monday.

He eventually went even further, accusing anyone who finds his column offensive of being “part of the problem.”

Here’s a taste of Morgan’s column, titled, “If black Americans want the N-word to die, they will have to kill it themselves:”

Better, surely, to have it expunged completely. Eradicated, obliterated, tied to a literary post and whipped into such brutal submission that it never rears its vicious head again.

But this will only happen when America’s black community applies the same level of tolerance to its own use of the word as that now applied in the National Football League: zero.

Teach the youth of today the N-word is so heinous that even to repeat it ironically is to perpetuate its poison.

As a white man, I have no right to demand that any black person gives up using the N-word.

But as someone who believes passionately in civil rights, I just think it’s the right thing to do. 

Several people online accused Morgan of being “unqualified” to speak about the subject due to the color of his skin. Others argued there’s no reason to stop using the word. But some also appeared to agree with Morgan.

Here are just some of the reactions:

It was Morgan who alleged just last month that America is "more racist since Obama was elected."


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