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'In Jesus' Mighty Name!': Men Perform Apparent Exorcism Attempt Outside Texas Starbucks — and There's Video


"At first I thought it was a joke, prank, or film projec..."

An exorcism at Starbucks? (Umgar/Vidme)

A Reddit user posted video of what appears to be an attempted exorcism that recently unfolded outside of a Starbucks coffee shop in Austin, Texas.

An exorcism at Starbucks? (Umgar/Vidme) An exorcism at Starbucks? (Umgar/Vidme)

The user, who goes by the name "Umgar," said that the java spot is home to frequent customer-led Bible study groups and prayer meetings, but that this gathering was quite different.

"This is the first time I've seen something like this though," Umgar wrote. "I watched for a while besides what's on the video because at first I thought it was a joke, prank, or film project — nope!"

In a short clip posted to Vidme and shared on Reddit a group of individuals can be seen sitting around a man who appears to be in a trance.

They invoke Jesus' name, among other sentiments, as they seemingly attempt to expel an "evil spirit" from him.

"All your legions of poison. All your legions out — out. All your legions of poison out! In Jesus' mighty name," one individual in the group can be seen telling the entranced individual. "By the blood of Jesus Christ you have no legal ground to be in here ... you have to leave ... you can't trespass on the cross!"

The supposedly afflicted man seemed to be spitting into a cup as the guys around him continued what appeared to be a deliverance ceremony.

Watch the video below:

Umgar, who seemed to reject the theological tenets surrounding exorcisms, claimed in a Reddit post that he stuck around for a bit after he shot the video and that the men depicted in it really believed they were performing an exorcism

"I can tell you that these guys really believed they were exorcising a demon," he wrote. "Not a student film project, prank, or social experiment. Just the [B]ible belt."

Of course, it's possible that the exorcism attempt could have been staged. What do you think?

(H/T: Reddit)

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