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Let's Do This': TheBlaze's Dana Loesch Calls Out Ed Schultz, Then Agrees to Obamacare Showdown on MSNBC


"Should be fun."

By wagering that MSNBC host Ed Schultz isn’t currently enrolled in Obamacare, TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch set in motion a lengthy Twitter battle that would end with the personality agreeing to appear on MSNBC Thursday to debate the health care law.

As of Wednesday night, it appeared that Loesch is scheduled to be the lead guest on Schultz’s show Thursday. She ended up having a phone conversation with Schultz on Wednesday night.

Loesch’s initial jab appeared to stem from Schultz’s attempt to use Glenn Beck’s recently revealed health problems to promote Obamacare.

Twitchy outlined the chaos that ensued online:

And Schultz had some nice things to say about Loesch:

One thing is certain, the two TV hosts will have a hard time finding common ground on the issue of Obamacare.

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