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Which media outlet compared Glenn Beck's new show 'History House' to Pixar?

Image credit: History House/TheBlaze TV

The Huffington Post on Tuesday compared Glenn Beck's recently-announced show "History House" to a Pixar creation, which Beck said Wednesday was a "huge compliment."

"We released four minutes of a piece of [the show], and it's going to be on Johnny Appleseed," Beck explained on his radio program. "The Huffington Post posted it yesterday with something amazing. They said it was very reminiscent of Pixar, which is a huge compliment for us."

In case you missed it, you can see the clip the Huffington Post references, below:

Beck recently received a clean bill of health after roughly five years of debilitating health issues. During that time -- when doctors told him he may only have five functional years left -- Beck asked Ben McPherson, who heads the American Dream Labs, to tell all the stories he had written if the time came that he could no longer remember them.

Among the stories Beck hoped to tell are those that will be featured on History House, in addition to a remarkable story that explains the background of Santa Claus.

Now that he is well, Beck said he and his company are ready to start creating the stories "of love and courage where the good guys win.”

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