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Middle School Principal’s Involvement in Erotic Slasher Flicks Leads to His Resignation


" would never think of anything of that nature coming to our doorsteps."

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With titles like "Slicing Beauty" and "The Limb Collector" and a slogan that reads "Fresh blood, hot babes, cool flicks," it will come as no surprise that Moongoyle Entertainment produces erotic slasher movies.

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But when you're a Connecticut middle school principal and make such movies for Moongoyle, that's when things can get dicey.

Such is the case with Dr. Mark Foley, who just stepped down as principal of Granby Memorial Middle School over the controversy, WVIT-TV reported.

Dr. Mark Foley (Image source: WVIT-TV) Dr. Mark Foley (Image source: WVIT-TV)

"Dr. Foley has served successfully as Middle School Principal since July 2013," superintendent Dr. Alan Addley said in a Wednesday statement, "however, Dr. Foley acknowledges the distraction caused by the recent publicity concerning his involvement in Moongoyle Entertainment LLC."

While Addley said Foley had been trying to end his "completely legal" involvement with Moongoyle, some members of the school community weren't as forgiving.

"It's totally unacceptable for a principal," one woman told WVIT, later adding "you would never think of anything of that nature coming to our doorsteps."

Moongoyle's Facebook page was deleted after the allegations came to light in early October, WVIT reported, but another Facebook page supporting Moongoyle has gone up. Moongoyle's official website ( did not appear to be active on Thursday.

Foley was still listed as the principal of Granby Memorial Middle School on the school's website Thursday.

"Put in the context of a school, then it's not appropriate," Foley told the Hartford Courant last month. "But there is no overlap there, that's the thing to keep in mind. This is not being done at school or anything."

Aaron Vnuk, a guidance counselor at Sage Park Middle School in Windsor, returned to his position late last month after telling school officials he would stop his work with Moongoyle, WVIT reported.

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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