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The Sneaky Way McDonald's Tried to Get Kids to Eat More Broccoli


"We're always looking at new food innovations..."

Image credit: Shutterstock/Angela Waye

McDonald's often comes under fire for selling unhealthy, processed foods, but the company's CEO Don Thompson said they have made concerted efforts to make their food healthier.

Not all of those efforts have been a success, however.

Speaking at an event this week, according to Business Insider, Thompson said McDonald's once tried to make bubble gum-flavored broccoli, but children weren't interested.

Image credit: Shutterstock/Angela Waye Image credit: Shutterstock/Angela Waye

"It wasn't all that," Thompson joked, adding that children were more confused by the taste than happy about it.

As a result, the idea was scrapped. But Thompson said McDonald's has implemented a number of initiatives to make its menu healthier, like promoting salads and reducing the size of a serving of fries.

"We're always looking at new food innovations and recipes that will appeal to our customers," a McDonald's representative told CBS Money Watch.

According to CBS, the representative did not explain how the bubble gum flavor was added to the broccoli.

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