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'You Want Obama? You Can Have Him NOW': Blaze Readers React to ‘America Doesn’t Know How Good They Have It With Obama’


"As a Canadian with a BRAIN, please allow me to say WE DON”T WANT HIM!"

President Barack Obama chats with Canada’s Trade Minister Ed Fast. (Image source: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)\n

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about a Canadian citizen who wrote a letter to the editor in the Detroit Free Press titled “America Doesn’t Know How Good They Have It With Obama.” Written by Richard Brunt of Victoria, British Columbia, the letter read, “When you are done with Obama, could you send him our way?”

President Barack Obama chats with Canada’s Trade Minister Ed Fast. (Image source: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images) President Barack Obama chats with Canada’s Trade Minister Ed Fast. (Image source: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Brunt credited President Obama for lowering gas prices and the unemployment rate and for taking troops out of Iraq and killing Osama bin Laden. “America is leading the world once again and respected internationally — in sharp contrast to the Bush years,” he added.

Brunt’s letter was in response to Americans voting Republicans into a senate majority in the midterm elections. “So, Americans vote for the party that got you into the mess that Obama just dug you out of? This defies reason,” Brunt said.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about Brunt’s letter:


I’m sorry, Canada, but I’m not interested in soliciting political advice from a country that still has the Queen of England on its money. You want Obama? You can have him NOW.

John 1776

“If you like our Obama you can keep our Obama.”


Yes, it is a pure joy as an American to know that the government completely violates my Fourth Amendment rights (privacy) and that the IRS and EPA are used to threatening American citizens and their property. What joy I feel knowing that this resident lies out both sides of his mouth on almost every topic presented, and it’s just awe inspiring how this president fulfills his oath of office (i.e., ENFORCES THE LAWS OF THE LAND).


The sooner the better….but wait — there’s more! You also get Ebola welcomed into your country, open borders offering safe passage to terrorists bent on the destruction of your country and your way of life, unabashed spying on all of your phone calls and Internet traffic, government agencies like the IRS punishing political enemies. Wow, what a deal for you Canada!


That’s the problem with liberals — they don't see that the unemployment rate is lower because people just quit looking for jobs that just aren’t there and that Obozo had absolutely nothing to do with lower gas prices. And I have NO idea where he gets the notion that we are respected internationally; sounds like he needs a reality check. As far as pulling troops out of Iraq, how has that helped? Since the Islamic State knew when the troops would be gone, all they did was bide their time until the opposition was gone. This has only made the middle east LESS stable. Guess there’s no hope for common sense or intelligence out of ANY liberal, including Canada’s liberals. You want Obozo? Take him now and just wait a couple of years. You’ll regret THAT decision when Canada starts to fall apart and becomes divided.


Someone should tell this Canadian that living in America and what the press reports about living in America are two different things.


So Canada wants Obama? Guess what Canada, we are so done with him! Would you please promise us that you won’t give him back?


“America doesn’t know how good they have it with Obama” is like saying Africa doesn’t know how good it has it with Ebola.


This is why I left Canada a long long LONG time ago. It’s a very progressive socialist country. There are MORE regulations there than here believe it or not. Their “free” healthcare is horrendous. I had a close friend in college who needed an MRI and they gave him an appointment nine months later (he ended up passing…rest in peace, James). My sales taxes were 15%. Yikes! You can only get alcohol in designated government stores…what a nightmare. My net paychecks were HALF of my gross pay. Once I left, I vowed never to return and I haven’t. I love America more than anything! I pray that this nightmare with Obama ends soon. God Bless the United States of America.


Everything that you say, on the surface of it, is true. What you don’t see is the effect Obama’s policies are having on the uniquely American way of life.

We don’t want a president who lies to the people at every turn when telling the truth would win him acceptance. We don’t want a president who sidesteps our Constitution and laws to enact his will through executive orders. We don’t want a president who uses millions of taxpayer dollars to take vacations, trips and golf outings for his and his family’s pleasure numerous times each year. We don’t want a president whose neophyte attempts at international politics leaves the USA in a weakened position. We don’t want a president who is constantly weakening our military to the point of ineffectiveness.

We don’t want THIS PRESIDENT! You’re welcome to him. The sooner, the better!


As a Canadian I’m sorry for that Idiot in Victoria, B.C. And NO, don’t send Obama here. We’re not all liberal here. Especially in the Province of Alberta.

I probably should apologize for Justin Bieber while I’m at it.

kikicanadian just wait a minute. As a Canadian with a BRAIN, please allow me to say WE DON”T WANT HIM! Please, I”m begging you…no plane tickets, no bus rides, don’t anyone even show him a map to the border. Keep him away from us. Send him to Hawaii or something. Iran? China? Iraq even. Just not here!



I’m Canadian. This jerk is delusional just like most other Canadians. We had our own Obama moment a few years ago. He was Trudeau, just as hardcore a socialist as Obama. He “transformed” (i.e., ruined) our country probably worse than Obama could ever hope to achieve in his dreams. Canada is not the country I grew up in. My Canada died a long time ago.

I have watched with great sadness as you Americans have enabled the political class of destroyers over the years. It’s been hard to sit and watch a once proud, good and decent country slip into the socialist/progressive abyss. If you ever want to know your future, always look to see what Canada has done. We’ve always been the test-bed for radical change. Our political center was hijacked and moved far to the left.

So pay attention to us from now on. Read our recent political history. You’ll even see our own version of your Republicans and how the conservative wing broke away. Internecine warfare and political wilderness for a few years. But the conservative wing eventually brought their new party back and took over the main party. Sadly, because our center has moved so far to the left that what is now considered draconian neo-conservative is roughly where your old democratic party was. But it’s better than the alternative. Learn and heed.


As a Canadian living in the U.S., here are a few reasons why Americans don’t like having Obama as Canada would:

1. Despite the propaganda to the contrary, Americans mostly like their health care and don’t want to end up with the crappy health care Canada has. When my father got cancer there was such a long waiting list that he couldn’t get treatment for several months and was told not to worry — it's not life threatening — up until a few weeks before he died when he was told it was far too advanced for any treatment to help.

2. Americans like being able to protect themselves and don’t want to end up unarmed like Canadians are — where woman are forced to fear walking home at night as seen from the rash of murders in the Vancouver area about a year ago.

3. Unlike Canadians, Americans prefer freedom over being taken care of by their government.

Just a sampling of the many reasons U.S. voters dislike Obama more than Canadians. In Canada Obama would be welcome because he would not be striving to change the way things are done except maybe returning tax rates of 15 years ago when a person making 40k per year paid the same taxes as an American making $65k per year. But Canadians would be happy with this as long as they were just told that the government would take care of them more.

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