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It Took Dave & Buster's 40 Minutes to Delete and 'Sincerely Apologize' for 'Offensive' Tweet About Tacos



In honor of “Taco Tuesday,” the official Dave & Buster’s Twitter account decided to tell a taco joke. Within minutes the chain was being hammered with claims that the joke was “offensive” and “racist.”

“I hate tacos” said no Juan ever,” the tweet said, which also included the #TacoTuesday hashtag.

Twitter screengrab via Gawker Twitter screengrab via Gawker

The tweet was deleted 40 minutes after it was posted and Dave & Buster’s issued an apology.

The tweet was blasted by a good number of people, but many others urged the public not to be so easily offended.

“I like how the white people are offended by the Dave and Busters tweet but not the mexicans,” one person wrote.

“Ridiculous, there was NOTHING offensive about that tweet!” another added.

One Twitter user even urged Dave & Buster’s to “GET A BACK BONE.”

(H/T: Gawker)

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