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You'll Want to See the Animal That Had This Grown Man Scaling a Backyard Fence at Full Sprint

Image source: YouTube

A home's surveillance camera pointed out toward the backyard recorded someone acting as if they should not have been there. As the man wearing a hat and purple shirt got closer to the house, something frightened him so much that he sprinted away and scaled the tall fence in no time.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

While you might be expecting a homeowner with a shotgun or at least a large dog to follow, take a look at the footage to see what really had the man running:

That's right, all it took was a fierce little Yorkie protecting his domain to frighten this man.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The dog was pretty proud of himself too, giving a victorious little spin after sending the man over the fence. Others on the social news site Reddit think this quick circle was instinctual to ensure there were no other threats around him.

It is unclear where exactly this incident happened, but the timestamp on the video places it as occurring last week. The Redditor who posted the video claims that it happened in South Africa and wrote that the man involved was arrested later while burglarizing another home. The Redditor, who does not provide a link to back up his claims, wrote that the man said at the time of his arrest that he has a phobia to dogs.

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