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Radio Hosts Go Off on Bosses After Learning of Terrible News Live on the Air: ‘What Kind of Operation Is This?!’


"How is that possible? What are we doing around here? That’s crap!"


The two hosts of Chicago sports radio station The Game 87.7 FM were pretty stunned on Friday after discovering they were “out of work” via Twitter rather than being informed by their employer. The duo, Ben Finfer and Alex Quigley, took out some of their frustrations live on the air.

“This is a pretty crappy way to find out that you’re out of work, basically,” Finfer, said. “I’m not going to blame Twitter, I’m going to blame our bosses for not doing this the respectful way.”

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Finfer went on to read a Chicago Tribune article outlining WGN’s plans to shut down the FM station.

“There it is. I don’t understand,” he added. “Why is it so hard to tell your employees that they’re losing their jobs? Why did they have to find out that way? Isn’t there anyone here who has respect for their employees? We found out… while we were on the freakin’ air! What kind of operation is this?! I guess I know what kind of operation it is — one that’s going down in flames.”

Finfer also expressed shock that many people at the station literally found out the same way they did that they are out of a job in a month.

“How is that possible? What are we doing around here? That’s crap!” he said. “I had respect for our bosses until about five minutes ago.”

Watch the candid moment below:

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