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Perhaps It Was Divine Intervention': The Astonishing Thing This Family Did After Adopting Two Babies


"Born premature, drug exposed, and diagnosed with Down syndrome."

After adopting two young, biological brothers, a couple from Omaha, Nebraska, also decided to take in the kids' six siblings, allowing all eight biological siblings to stay together. 

Melissa and Scott Groves began fostering children back in 2003 after they realized that natural conception likely wasn't an option. So, after going through a program and getting licensed, they brought Noah, 3, and his brother Chase, 22 months, into the family home.

It didn't take long for the Groves to fall in love with the children, taking the necessary steps to officially adopt them.

"Almost instantaneously these two seem to capture our hearts, and it wasn’t very long before I knew that if the chance arose I wanted to have them in our lives forever," Melissa Groves told the Daily Mail. "Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was divine intervention, I don’t know, but what I do know was that the boys’ ‘short’ stay with us turned into adoption."

After the official adoption went through, Melissa said that she received a call from the case worker who had handled Noah and Chase's adoption, explaining that the boys' mother had another baby boy named Garrett in need of care, according to the Daily Mail.

Not wanting to see siblings separated, the Groves decided to adopt him as well, but it didn't end there. Eleven months later, Melissa Groves said that Hayden, yet another child, was born into the same biological family — and she and her husband adopted him too.

The couple has since officially adopted four other children from the same mother, with the latest addition — Zayne — arriving back in October 2013. According to Melissa, he was "born premature, drug exposed, and diagnosed with Down syndrome."

For Melissa and Scott Groves, what started as a mission to build their family has developed into something even more profound. In addition to a daughter she had from a previous relationship, they have now eight adopted sons: Noah, Chase, Garrett, Hayden, Ashton, Curran, Bryer and Zayne.

Melissa Groves told KETV-TV that the family dynamic is "crazy," but that it is "sweet chaos," as something is always going on.

"For us, adoption was initially just a means to complete our family when having a biological child seemed impossible," she said. "But it has become so much more to us. It has opened our eyes, widened the horizons of our family, enriched all of our lives, and brought us so much love and happiness."

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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