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Listen As a Portland Protestor Makes a Bold Claim About Darren Wilson and the KKK -- Then Watch How the Other Protestors React


"Come on, let's hear it, does it p**s you off?"

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From New York City to Portland, Oregon, violent protests erupted following the announcement that Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, would not be indicted.

A scene from Portland may have demonstrated the limits of the protestors' credulity.

In a video posted to YouTube by the LaughingAtLiberals account, one such protester makes a slew of dramatic claims in an attempt to whip up the crowd — but his fellow protestors sit mostly in silence while he does.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

"The man who got off with this murder is a card-carrying member of the KKK!" he yells. "Doesn't that p**s you off?"

A couple scattered voices seem to agree, but most protestors don't seem to agree with his assertion that the KKK is behind American police forces.

"Come on, let's hear it, does it p**s you off?" the man yells again, before claiming, "This country was torn away from the native peoples on the same lies that we're receiving today."

Then he provides a real-life example of Godwin's law, claiming, "This is paving the road to Nazism!"

Watch the awkward moments in the video below, starting around the 1:25 mark (content warning: strong language):

Earlier moments in the video show united protestors chanting such slogans as, "All the cops in the ground, rest in peace Michael Brown," and displaying a banner that says, "F*** you neoliberal fascist pigs."

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