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What This Protester Is About to Do to a Fox News Cameraman Had Sean Hannity Saying 'Uh Oh


"F*** you!"--Watch: The harrowing moment a reporter experiences "shots fired" live on-air.

(Source: Fox News screen shot)

As the chaos erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday night, Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was in the middle of it. At one point, he became the story when a protester turned on him and his cameraman.

While detailing what was going on for Sean Hannity, a protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask can be seen rushing in, yelling an expletive and then turning to the cameraman. Moments later, the feed went dark:

"Uh oh," Hannity can be heard saying.

Later in the night, Harrigan began broadcasting again using iPhones and explained that the cameraman was OK.

But that wasn't Harrigan's only harrowing ordeal of the night. Fox published video of shots being fired while he was live on-air, and yelling "Back!" to his crew:

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