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Conservative Black Chick' and 'This Week in Blackness' Founder Debate Whether White People 'Get' Ferguson


"I think the real epidemic is not police violence against black men.”

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Why is America so divided on Ferguson?

On Sunday morning, CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter wondered if a fundamental divide in the way the story is being discussed — white America hearing one story narrowly focused on Michael Brown's shooting, black America delving into broader issues of race and police violence — was keeping the nation from having a unified conversation about Ferguson.

Elon James White, founder of "This Week in Blackness," quickly agreed, saying that pervasive discrimination and fear of police violence are issues that the black community has been grappling with for "generations."

But "Conservative Black Chick" Crystal Wright begged to differ.

She questioned Stelter lumping all black people into one camp, saying, “I’m black, Elon is black, and I disagree with Elon,” and she claimed that modern sensibilities have left white people afraid of talking honestly about racial issues.

She also said violence from law enforcement is not the real issue facing the black community.

"I think the real epidemic is not police violence against black men,” Wright said. “The real epidemic is young black men killing other young black men.”

Her assertion quickly prompted an interruption from White: "No ma'am!"

"Don't call me ma'am!" Wright shot back, fighting against White's interruption.

White went on to say that comparing black-on-black violence to police violence was "disingenuous at best," and he added, “This is a false narrative that people push in order to derail the conversation around our communities still being gunned down by the police.”

Watch the pair go at it in the clip below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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