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Watch Mike Tyson's Rambling Awards Speech and See if You Can Figure It Out


"I can't find the, oh, the pink's right here!"

Image source: screengrab via Daily Mail

There was an accidental star of BET's Soul Train Awards on Sunday night: super-confused Mike Tyson.

Just watch his rambling speech.

Tyson came out swinging, so to speak, with a plug for his new Adult Swim cartoon "Mike Tyson Mysteries," before making a big deal out of finding the right place to stand on the stage.

"I can't find the, oh, the pink's right here!" he said as he glanced around. "I missed my spot."

Then he greeted Floyd Mayweather, a man he has previously ribbed for dodging tough fights, as the "Best fighter in the world!" and immediately afterwards started asking some unseen entity, "Did I do it right?"

Finally, he twisted around onstage, said, "Oh, excuse me," and sauntered off.

On Twitter, fans reacted to Tyson's speech with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

(H/T: Gawker)

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