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I Was Dead F***ing Wrong': Read How One Feminist Blogger Reacted to the UVA Rape Story Bombshell


"This is really, really bad."

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It was a brutal story of a premeditated gang rape at one of America's most prestigious universities — and on Friday, the magazine that published it admitted the story might not be true.

One journalist's coverage of the saga has been drawing particular fire.

Anna Merlan, a writer for the feminist blog Jezebel, initially defended Rolling Stone's feature story about a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house — "A Rape on Campus" — vociferously, going so far as to call fellow journalists "idiots" when they questioned the story's details.

She called one writer's questions about the story "a giant ball of s**t."

Image source: screengrab via Jezebel Image source: screengrab via Jezebel

Three days after publishing that defense, Merlan was forced to confront Rolling Stone's admission that the woman featured in the UVA story, Jackie, may not have been a credible source.

Image source: screengrab via Jezebel Image source: screengrab via Jezebel

In her article on the partial retraction, Merlan apologized in her brash style:

This is really, really bad. It means, of course, that when I dismissed Richard Bradley and Robby Soave's doubts about the story and called them 'idiots' for picking apart Jackie's account, I was dead f**king wrong, and for that I sincerely apologize.

While she might have apologized in her post on Jezebel, Merlan seemed to double down on Twitter, responding with a seemingly sarcastic, "Sure you are" when Robby Soave, the Reason editor who was one of the journalists questioning Jackie's story, said he was glad the gang rape never actually happened.

Merlan's tweets and apology drew quite a bit of criticism on Twitter...

...though at least one person offered her kudos for apologizing.

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