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Keep an Eye on This High School Quarterback. He's About to Score a Touchdown in a Way You'd Never Expect.


"Nothing was going to keep me out of the end zone..."

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Gymnastics, meet football.

Bothell High School quarterback Ross Bowers was already flying high during Saturday night's Washington state high school football championship game against Chiawana High School, leading his team through the final game of an undefeated season.

Bothell would win the game, 24-14, but it's what's Bowers did in the third quarter that's turning heads nationwide.

As video from the game shows, Bowers looks for an open receiver and, seeing none, starts making a run of his own.

When he comes up against defenders blocking the end zone, Bowers goes airborne...

Image via Instagram Image via Instagram

...and does a complete flip...

Image via Instagram Image via Instagram

...landing on his feet in the end zone.

The crowd, predictably, goes nuts.

Watch the incredible play below:

Here's what Bowers, who has committed to play next year for the University of California, told the Seattle Times about his head-over-heels play:

I saw an opening and I took it. Nothing was going to keep me out of the end zone and I happened to land on my feet after. It was an awesome play for me because it was my last impact on a football game in high school, and I think I’ll remember that one for a while.

Bowers, the son of University of Washington gymnastics coach Joanne Bowers, said he would score his play a 9.85 out of 10 because he didn't stick the landing.

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