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Giving voice to America's legal immigrants


Mary Ramirez wants you to know that legal immigrants to the United States are walking around with a throbbing, painful, red handprint on their face these days.

It was Resident Obama and his extremist left-wing Democrats who assaulted these law-abiding folks. The proverbial "slap in the face" came when Obama put out his executive inaction orders to the various federal agencies under his control to halt the deportations of up to 5 million illegal immigrants.

It bears pointing out that Obama didn't have the courage to issue the decree with an official executive order. There are two reasons for not doing this: The first has to do with Obama's ideology. Those who are liberal typically don't operate above board and in the light of day. Instead, they prefer obfuscation, misdirection and out and out lies (see: Obamacare promises). The second reason is that official presidential executive orders are subject to judicial review for constitutionality. Obama couldn't very well have that.

Obama, his Democrats and the mainstream press are focused on diverting the resources of the American government to helping citizens of other nations who are in America illegally. We at The Chris Salcedo Show wanted to give voice to the legal immigrant community, a community that has been ignored, insulted and slapped by Obama's lawless and unfair executive inaction.

Cue to 1:14:37 to hear the stories of legal immigrants, and pass this on, will you?

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