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Nebraska Woman Invites Guy Over, Then Beats Him With a Hammer

Image via Noah Hankamer/flickr

Is the holiday stress of having friends and family visit getting to you?

Someone out there has it worse — a lot worse.

Ashley Nance of Omaha, Nebraska, was charged with felony assault Tuesday afternoon after police came to her house, responding to a call about a home invasion, KPTM-TV reported.

Police told KPTM that they were first told that Nance, 30, had hit a burglar with a hammer after she heard him crashing around her basement.

Then they learned that the "burglar" was actually 20-year-old Ashley Lamont, a man Nance had apparently invited into her home.

Image via Noah Hankamer/flickr Image via Noah Hankamer/flickr

While police try to figure out why Nance invited and then bludgeoned Lamont, Nance was being held in the county jail, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

The World-Herald also reported that Ashley refused to be taken to the hospital following the incident.

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