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The Brutal Grocery Store Attack That Resulted From a Man's Confrontation With Another for Having Too Many Items in the Express Checkout

Image source: KXAS-TV

Mohammad Hussein's advice to another customer at the grocery store quickly escalated into a forceful face smack.

As Hussein waited in the express checkout line at M&L Market in Miami Beach, Florida, December 1, he got into what appears to be a brief confrontation with the man standing in line right in front of him.

Hussein appeared to have only a few items but the customer in front of him brought a considerable amount through the express checkout. Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez said when Hussein confronted the man in front of him, he became agitated, turned around and knocked Hussein out cold.

Image source: KXAS-TV Image source: KXAS-TV

Hussein fell backward and banged his head on the floor. Police said that he was already knocked out even before he hit the ground. Paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital where he was later diagnosed with severe brain bleeding. Hussein is still in a coma, according to

The brutal attack was all caught on surveillance video. The suspect immediately fled the scene and police are still trying to trace him. Police believe the suspect lives in the Miami Beach area, perhaps even near the market where the attack occurred, WBFS reported.

Around the 0:07 and 1:19 is when the suspect forcefully lobs his hand across Hussein's face just before bolting out of view of the view of the camera:


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