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I Was Trippin'': Check Out Man's Reaction as He Captures on Video a Violent Force of Nature Rarely Seen in His City


“It picked the roof up like it was a piece of paper.”

South Los Angeles residents on Saturday were assessing damage that a rare tornado left along 10 blocks the day before, KTLA-TV reported — and one guy caught the twister on video.

Jamie Mena shot his dramatic cellphone clip from his second-story balcony: “Oh s**t!” he hollered as the clip rolled showing pieces of roof and debris flying through the air.

“’What is going on?’" Mena told KTLA he was thinking as the tornado touched down. "'I mean, am I in a hurricane or something, or in a tornado?' But then I looked up, it was a tornado.”

"I wasn't scared," he added to the station, "but I was trippin'."

More from KTLA:

The National Weather Service confirmed that a “small EF0 tornado” with wind speeds between 65 and 85 mph had touched down near the intersection of Gage and Vermont avenues (map) in the Vermont-Slauson area around 9:20 a.m.

The tornado “hopscotched” over a 10-block span, ending in the area of 57th and Figueroa streets, leaving at least five homes and several vehicles damaged, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Residents reported that the destructive tornado lifted the roof off an apartment building and damaged a day care center.

“I watched as it took my roof and it just, it sent the roof of our building just over to the next street,” Chris McCall told KTLA. “It picked the roof up like it was a piece of paper.”

No injuries were reported, the station added.

This story has been updated with new video.

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