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You Might Be Surprised to Learn Why Angelina Jolie Won't Be at Her New Movie's Premiere


"I will be home, itching and missing everyone."

US actress and humanitarian campaigner Angelina Jolie (L) poses with her US actor and fiance Brad Pitt as she arrives for the UK premiere of Brad Pitt's latest film "World War Z" in Leicester Square in central London on June 2, 2013. Jolie, 37, revealed in an article in the May 14 edition of The New York Times that she chose to undergo surgery to minimize the risk she might develop breast cancer due to the inheritance of a "faulty gene." The actress's partner and fellow screen star Brad Pitt led worldwide praise, declaring Jolie heroic, followed by her doctors, other stars and thousands of supporters, who took to social media to praise her openness. (Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

It has been a tough week for Angelina Jolie.

On Wednesday, thanks to the high-profile hacking of Sony, the actress/director -- and the world -- read a scathing email sent by Hollywood heavyweight producer Scott Rudin to a Sony studio head, describing the A-list star as "a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie."

The movie Rudin referred to in his insulting note is "Unbroken."

On Thursday, despite generating considerable pre-release press, "Unbroken" did not earn a single Golden Globe nomination.

"Unbroken" is slated to premiere at a star-studded Hollywood event on Monday. Unfortunately, Jolie will not be attending the Los Angeles premiere — on Thursday night, she learned she had contracted a case of chickenpox.

Universal Pictures released the following statement concerning Jolie's announcement, “We all wish Angelina a speedy recovery and look forward to her returning to her work very soon. She is in very good spirits, considering after two years of hard work, she will not be there the night it finally premieres.”

Jolie's husband, star Brad Pitt will reportedly attend the premiere along with their children and other family members.

Watch Jolie's statement released by Universal on Friday night:


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