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If You're a Fan of 'The Office,' You'll Want to Watch This Magical (and Supremely Awkward) Crossover


"Lord of the Reams."

Image via NBC

Who knew Slough was in Middle Earth?

The cast of "Saturday Night Live," joined by "The Hobbit" star Martin Freeman, took viewers on a journey back to an old project of Freeman's this week: the original BBC version of "The Office."

Back in 2001, Freeman starred as the paper salesman "Tim" (the role American viewers would see as "Jim" on the U.S. adaptation of the show), and he reprised his role Saturday night with a few tweaks: pointed ears, "Lord of the Reams" Gandalf for a boss and salesman Smeagol at the adjacent desk.

Watch the clip below (content warning: some mature themes discussed immaturely):

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