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American general: Dems are aiding and abetting the enemy


Retired Army Major Gen. Paul E. Vallely didn't mince words when describing the so-called torture report issued by partisan Senate Democrats: He said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and the Democrats who supported her efforts are aiding and abetting America's enemies.

It's clear that the controversial report revived a nearly decade-old debate in an effort at political payback for the CIA and those in the Bush administration who executed the enhanced interrogation program.

Critics of the Democrats' report worry of reprisal against Americans abroad as a result of its biased conclusions. Indeed, nobody responsible for implementing the EIT program was interviewed for the report. Those same critics charge that Democrats had a preconceived conclusion and then built a case by cherry-picking information to justify that conclusion.

As for me, this report confirms that Democrats prefer not to focus on those who attacked and continue to attack us.  Instead, Democrats choose to attack those who protect us.

Cue to 22:20 to hear the major general's take.

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