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Look Closely. What He's About to Do To This Elderly Couple Police Are Calling 'Possibly the Most Audacious and Callous' Act of Thievery


"Waiting for the right time to pounce."

Police are calling a recent crime captured on security footage quite "possibly the most audacious and callous theft" they have ever come across, as the footage shows an elderly couple being robbed in broad daylight.

The incident, which unfolded in West Midlands, England, on November 25, has authorities outraged and warning residents to beware.

Security video shows a man approach an elderly couple as they organize items in the trunk of their car. He distracts them by asking for directions, while another individual in a hooded sweatshirt covertly approaches and steals the woman's wallet from her purse before walking away.

Midlands police claim that the suspects had previously followed the couple to a bank and after seeing them withdraw £700 ($860) to spend on Christmas gifts for loved ones, they allegedly orchestrated their cruel plan to distract and steal.

"This was a well-planned theft in which the suspects coldly and deliberately targeted the elderly couple," Detective Sergeant Dave Faries said in a statement. "Not only did they follow them in the bank, but they also shadowed them as they carried out their shopping − waiting for the right time to pounce."

Watch video of the incident below:

Authorities are still looking for the suspects, but Faries did note that the bank where the funds were withdrawn refunded the elderly couple, doing so "in the spirit of the festive season."

Read more about the incident here.

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