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SNL' Toymaker Tries for a Totally Neutral 'Asian-American Doll'...But Little Girls See Something Racist Anyway


"We made her from a place of fear!"

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Go through 40 focus groups and still find something racist?

Guess it's back to the drawing board.

"Saturday Night Live" tackled racial sensitivity with their take on a neurotically vetted "Asian-American doll."

As the makers were desperately trying to avoid racial stereotypes, Asian-American doll has no academic strengths or weaknesses, an empty playhouse and no name.

"Last Christmas we released a Native American doll named Flying Eagle and we still haven't heard the end of it," explained the cheery narrator.

Two things the doll does have: a cute dog and a chef's hat, "because anybody can be a chef, right?"

Watch as the kids still come up with a stereotype anyway.

"It's Asian-American doll, we made her from a place of fear!" goes the doll's jingle.

Watch the clip below:

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