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Black Woman Unleashes Blistering Tirade Against Sharpton, Obama and de Blasio: 'Race-Baiting, Tired, Pathetic


"Disgusting disgrace to humanity."

In two separate videos uploaded to YouTube Monday, an unnamed African American woman posting under the username "Honestly Speaking" unleashed a tirade against Al Sharpton, calling him a "disgusting disgrace to humanity" and decrying the civil rights leader as a "race-baiting, tired, pathetic … no good for nobody a**."

The woman started her fiery rebuke with a 50-second clip railing against Sharpton's recent revelation that he received death threats in the wake of the murders of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

"Leave it to Reverend Al Sharpton to make two cops being murdered about him. Nobody cares that you received death threats. Nobody cares about you. You are the reason this is happening," she proclaimed. "Take your old, stale, trouble-making, race-baiting, tired, pathetic, perverted, coke-sniffing no good for nobody a** somewhere and sit down."

The woman proceeded to call Sharpton a "disgusting disgrace to humanity."

Watch her rant below (caution: strong language):

That video was followed up by a much longer clip in which she took aim at President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and some protesters who she said are wrongly praising the NYPD officers' deaths.

"Now you have President Obama talking about Trayvon Martin could have been his son. You don't have any sons. You are the president of the United States," she said. "Play your positions. Stay out of these ghetto tirades and these ghetto rants. Stay out of it."

As for de Blasio, she delivered a similar message.

"De Blasio, Mike Brown is not your son. Okay, you are the mayor of New York City," she proclaimed, imploring him to stay neutral and not take sides. "You just had two officers shot because of your reckless speaking. You stand behind Al Sharpton and he stands for nothing at all."

The woman said that there is "no greatness in murder" whether a cop or a civilian is responsible — and offered her proposal for what should happen in neighborhoods where residents are anti-cop.

"All these neighborhoods that are against the police, pull the cops out. Don't answer no more 911 calls," she said. "Let them police themselves and eventually they'll all kill themselves off."

Later on in the video, she said that she has never personally experienced racism and that she stands against "any idiot that's on board with a race war," as she has no plans to fight one.

"I refuse to die for people who won't even stand up for themselves. … I am truly ashamed at the state of what my people are in today," she said. "You people disgust me, supporting the murder of an innocent man. Mike Brown was not innocent. None of us are innocent."

Watch the video below  (caution: strong language):

TheBlaze is awaiting reply from an email account associated with the YouTube account that posted the video to learn more about the woman's identity, her motivation for posting the clips and other relevant information.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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