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Watch: How to Uncork Champagne Using a .50-Cal


"That's pretty sick."

Image source: YouTube

Here's something you probably haven't tried to uncork that stubborn champagne bottle: a .50-caliber rifle.

That's what YouTuber Richard Ryan used to crack open the holiday booze, and it actually worked better than you might think.

In his FullMag YouTube video posted Monday, Ryan took aim several times at some bottles of bubbly. Standing in an empty, mountainous area (his Twitter account says Tennessee), he pulled the trigger and burst the bottles.

But he didn't stop there — in an insanely awesome twist of luck, not to mention talent — Ryan aimed again, shot and seamlessly popped the cork off a bottle of Cristal.

"That is how it's done. That's pretty sick," Ryan said.

See it for yourself:

Enjoy that Cristal, Richard. Nice shot.

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