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There's a Christmas Mystery in Indianapolis


"By golly, it's off of there."

Image source: Indianapolis Star

They sure pulled this one off.

A huge Santa hat that usually adorns the "Brick Head 3" sculpture in downtown Indianapolis during the holiday season has vanished without a trace.

Image source: Indianapolis Star Whodunnit? (Image source: Indianapolis Star)

According to the Indianapolis Star, the hat went missing sometime in the past few days, and locals are mystified.

"I didn't see it being stolen, but I was informed of it this evening," Deb Martin, who sewed the hat six years ago, told the Star. "I took a drive ... and yeah, by golly, it's off of there. So, somebody made off with the hat."

The hat, which is about 27 feet long and 17 feet around, was at least warming Brick Head 3's noggin on Friday, when an Indianapolis Star photographer snapped some photos of it. Beyond that, no one can say for certain.

A man at the restaurant that overlooks the sculpture told the newspaper he'd heard the hat may have been getting dry-cleaned, but he didn't know for sure what had happened to it. John Holmes, the manager at the Old Point Tavern, said a woman asked about the missing hat on Tuesday.

"Actually, I feel like I didn't see it on there yesterday," he said. "But then again, I'm not really 100 percent sure."

Any Grinches looking to lift the lid off the sculpture would have had a tough time making off with it incognito.

"It's not something that you could conceal too easily," Martin told the Star. "It probably would have filled up the back seat of somebody's car."

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