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Woman Claims She Caught Her Man Cheating — So, She Gave Him a Christmas Gift He'll Never Forget


Oh, boy...


A woman, identified only as “Cassy,” recently claimed that she caught her man cheating after discovering a number of incriminating direct messages to and from other women on his Twitter account.

But rather than confronting her boyfriend right there, she apparently decided to give him a Christmas present he’d never forget and post photos of her revenge online.

Cassy says she printed out all of the questionable DMs, put them in a box, and then wrapped it like a present and gave it to her boyfriend for Christmas.

She later posted photos of the printed out DMs and even a still image of her boyfriend opening the wrapped box from a video she seemingly recorded at the time.

(Twitter) (Twitter)

“DONT F***ING CHEAT ON ME I FIND OUT EVERYTHING,” she wrote in the tweet.

She also wrote in a Snapchat post, "He thought he was getting his gifts nah."

(Twitter) (Twitter)

(Twitter) (Twitter)

Her tweet had been retweeted over 14,000 times as of Monday.

The scene could have easily been faked, but it at least appears that Cassy’s Twitter account is real. Further, as Gawker notes, "the guy in the photo seems to have fessed up." If it is indeed him, he doesn't seem too remorseful.

(H/T: Complex)


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