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Is President Obama's 'free' community college plan an indictment of America's education system?


'[W]e're going to have a fifth and sixth year of high school. What we're really going to have now is a K-14 educational system.'

President Barack Obama records students on a classroom iPad while visiting a seventh grade classroom before speaking about goals of connecting students to next generation broadband and wireless technology within five years, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, at Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Md. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

During an interview with William Voegeli, author of "The Pity Party: A Mean-Spirited Diatribe Against Liberal Compassion," we had the chance to discuss one of President Obama's newest theoretically compassionate initiatives: the offer of two "free" years of community college education.

Per the above clip, the senior editor of the conservative Claremont Review of Books, of which TheBlaze Books has written previously, made an argument about the program that can be read as a stinging indictment of America's education system, and the administration's response to its failings, telling us:

It sounds like what we're saying is that...since the K-12 education system is doing such a questionable job on behalf of most of our students, what we're really going to have now is a K-14 educational system. We're going to have a fifth and sixth year of high school.

Voegeli counters that instead of creating another program, estimated to cost $60 billion, America would be better suited to examine why the current system is failing students and then correct it:

It seems like a more fruitful line of inquiry would be to say, "How can we repair, how can we figure out where the K-12 educational system went wrong," and let's go back and fix that, rather than annex another province to it.

In "The Pity Party," Voegeli attempts to systematically debunk liberalism and its core of compassion, by exposing its inherent illogic, hypocritical nature and failure by its own standards, while providing a guide on how to defeat the arguments of its proponents.

Be sure to check out our full interview on the book, which you can find below, in which we address topics including:

  • Why Voegeli has no compassion for liberal compassion
  • The significance of the empathizer-empathizee relationship, and the problems it creates in politics
  • The fundamental contradictions of liberalism, in large part due to its ideal of moral relativism
  • The conflict between modernity and modern teleological unity
  • The Democratic coalition of experts and victims, and Jonathan Gruber
  • Obama's two new compassionate initiatives: lower mortgage rates and "free" community college for two years
  • Whether conservatives can defeat those who believe we can "create rights out of thin air"


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