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Michael Moore Reloads With 'Sniper' Tweet Barrage: 'What Would Jesus Do?...Hide on Top of a Roof and Shoot People in the Back!


"Instead of being a sniper to protect our troops, I tried to save their lives by stopping Bush from sending them to their deaths in Iraq."

Michael Moore (Image source: Gabriel Grams/Getty Images)

Despite receiving intense criticism over his tweet last weekend seemingly targeting the blockbuster movie "American Sniper," liberal filmmaker Michael Moore apparently isn't keeping a low profile.

Michael Moore (Image source: Gabriel Grams/Getty Images)

Instead he reloaded on Saturday and fired at snipers with a curious tweet barrage that also invoked Sunday school, Jesus, two popes, and the Iraq war.

He started off with this: "Tomorrow's Sunday School (1) What Would Jesus Do? Oh, I know what he'd do -- hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back!":

Then added: "Sunday School: (2) But What Would Jesus Do if he could be a sniper & save soldiers lives by shooting "savages" in the back? ANSWER...":

Culminating with, "Sunday School: (3) ANSWER: Jesus wouldn't put any soldiers lives in harm's way in the first place because he wouldn't have sent them 2 Iraq":

He even cited a "source":

Then two hours later, Moore seemingly ups the ante:

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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