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Why the Latest Deflategate Update Could Come Down to 90 Seconds


What can someone do in a minute-and-a-half?

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With Super Bowl XLIX coming Sunday, the football-obsessed world is still debating a key question: Did the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots cheat by purposefully deflating balls in their victory over the Indianapolis Colts?

On Monday afternoon, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reported that the NFL had "zeroed in" on a locker room attendant who could be behind the whole debacle.

It was an intriguing bit of news: Video evidence showed a person taking 24 balls — 12 used by the Patriots, 12 by the Colts — after they'd been approved by officials and stopping off in "another area on the way to the field," Glazer reported.

But the timing and the location cast doubt as to whether this single locker room attendant is really responsible for the ball deflation.

The area was a tiny bathroom, NBC Sports reported, and the attendant was in the bathroom with the balls for a mere 90 seconds.

As NBC Sports' Mike Florio questioned, could the person really have deflated each of the Patriots' 12 balls by two pounds in 90 seconds?

For their part, the Patriots have vehemently denied any wrongdoing in what has come to be known as "Deflategate."

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